Die schwarze Sonne
The black sun. The corona of the black sun during the solar total eclipse on March, 29th 2006 near Antalya in Turkey. Science so easily explains events of solar eclipses that it seams to be nothing in particular. The moon continues to cover the suns disk until the direct sunlight cannot reach us any longer. We sojourn in a small streak of deep shadow on the Earth’s surface. It’s as simple as that. But when the daylight rapidly fades, the black shadow fills the sky and the suns corona finally appears, it suddenly feels like a cosmic god speaking. Scientifically inexplicable no one can’t stand from being tugged to heartstrings. This deeply moving moment really bares one’s heart making it an unforgettable experience.
March 2006
Canon 20D, EF-L 100-400mm, f/8, 2sec, ISO 100, tripod