Saurier Alptraum
Dinosaur’s nightmare. If the dinosaurs would have averted the nightmare of the asteroid impact disaster 65 million of years ago they surely would have become scared at the sight of comet Hale-Bopp. We of course knew that this would be a near miss comet and therefore could admire the epiphany of Hale-Bopp. In early 1997 the comet is seen within the Milky Way’s constellations Swan, Lyra and the red North America Nebula. With a diameter of approximately 40 km Hale-Bopp was four times larger compared to the Chixulub dinosaur killer. Hale-Bopp’s unique beauty emerged from its separated yellow dust and blue plasma tail.
March 1997
Pentax Me, Pentax 28mm, f/2, 15min, Purus astronomical mount, Kodak E6, ISO 400, tripod