The Beauty In Me
Antelope Canyon belongs to one of these magical slot canyons of immortal splendor. The amazing colors and shapes of these sandstone halls are like a world of make-believe. The indirect, reflected light in the early morning varies from purple of the deep shades to golden yellow of the illuminated walls. In Upper Antelope the canyon the walls are widest at the top. At the bottom it narrows to less than a bodies width. This causes the canyon to bask in direct sunlight throughout the day making photography nearly impossible. This is why serious photography needs to be done during low sun elevations to capture the majesty of Antelopes colors. Both Antelope slot canyons drain into Lake Powell that flows into the Colorado river that formed the Grand Canyon. The wind erosion is constantly sanding down these extremely polished walls.
June 2005
Canon 20D, EF-S 10-22mm, f/22, 1/8sec, ISO 100, tripod