On Tour


Just after New Year two weeks of travel to Australia brought me to Hobart, Tasmania, for working on two ships going to Antarctica with my scientific OceanRAIN instrumentation and for photo travel to Western Australia to explore the magnificent ancient banded iron formation gorges of Karijini. Regarding Karijini I expected harsh conditions only to find out that this was an understatement. Located in northwestern Australia just north of the tropics of capricorn, Karijini not only features some of the oldest rocks existing on Earth but also photographic conditions that are challenging to say the least. On the cons side the excessive heat of summertime Australia in this region is hard to withstand and frequently reaches 40°C with no available shade. In combination with frequent and severe thunderstorms this results not only in unbarably high humidity of the air but also in flooding conditions that close down roads and access to the beautiful gorges due to flash flooding. On the pro side of the summertime season is that visitors are rare and that the skies make for fascinating storm cloud displays. However, it turned out as no surprise, one week for the gorges allows for just a tiny preview of whats possible in this beautiful region. Coming back to this amazing landscape during summer requires a much better 4WD jeep, plenty of time to allow access to the gorges in between thunderstorm periods and probably some good company to pay attention away from the heat and the flies. Having said that, I am more than grateful for the amazing people I had the honor to meet with. Most of them were backpackers travelling with their jeeps. The others were car mechanics trying to reanimate my unreliable Nissan Xtrail with great success - all of them being adorable warm-hearted and helping people without non of the upcoming photos of this tour would have come into existence. Thank you guys!


My three week photo travel in Colorado in August 2016 was entirely dedicated trying to capture the monsoon thunderstorms in the Rocky Mountains during the peak season of the wildflowers. The week before I started the tour saw impressive thunderstorm displays every day. However, the very day I went into the Rockies the weather pattern changed to stable high pressure with nothing but blue skies from morning to evening for the next two weeks. This gave me lots of opportunity to hike many trails seeking for the most amazing wildflower display. During the last week the thunderstorms finally came back to the area and I had five days with impressive skies and lightning. I went every morning and evening to that particular place in the Silverton area where the wildflowers were just mindblowing and was waiting for a thunderstorm at the right position and time. I got wet quite often, very wet to be honest was surrounded by lightning but could not capture that particular shot I had in mind. On the last day however the fifth intense thunderstorm of the day passed the mountain range in the right direction at sunset. I started shooting and captured the scenery including a lightning. Completely in euphoria about that shot I figured quite late that it started getting dark and than the rain started pouring on me while I was surrounded by lighting up on the trail. Using the headlamp I made it back to the car, completely wet but more than happy with the result. Three weeks for that one shot were well worth the effort! Here is a preview of that image that I named "Oh Be Joyful!". It will enter the latest releases section soon.

Working in Perth and Melbourne right after New Year I had the chance to squeeze in one week of photo travel along the coast of Western Australia. I was working on the installation of scientific equipment onboard the Australian research vessel Investigator. In Perth I rented a 4WD large enough to live in for one week and headed out North. This brought me to Nambung, Kalbarri and Shark Bay with strong focus on Southern Celestial Arc star photography using my Astrotrack system. Daytime temperatures were hardly tolerable up North and exceeded 43°C (110°F) almost every day. However, instead of boring blue skies I was rewarded with amazing storm cloud sceneries resulting in a few new images that I am currently working upon. So stay tuned for first shots from hot summerly Australia! Additionally I adventured an amazing photo flight over Shark Bay with the door removed from the Cessna 182 for unobstructed photography. Many thanks to the pilot from Shark Bay Air for this great experience!

In Melbourne had the honour to give a one-hour presentation on my photographic work to my colleagues at the Bureau of Meteorology in addition to my science talk.


One week of Swiss Alps photo travel was mainly decdicated to capture the Perseid meteor shower at new moon over the impressive scenery of the Matterhorn. The locations visited during that week also included the famous Aletsch glacier and the Grimsel Pass. Travelling with my close friends Frank Paul and Paul Kucera during that week was exiting. We almost got hit by lightning on the Eggishorn peak at Aletsch glacier, experienced many thunderstorms and were rewarded with hundreds of shooting stars during the cloud-free new moon night of the Perseids. I was able to capture no less than 42 bright shooting stars, many of them being really bright, falling above the majestic Matterhorn peak. This image may easily become one of my favorites and will be part of the Portfolio New Releases section soon.

Following a science visit at the National Center for Atmospheric Research NCAR in Boulder, Colordao, I had the opportunity venture out to the Rocky Mountains in Aspen, Colorado, together with my friend Paul Kucera. We had an unforgettable time at Maroon Lake including an astro-photo night in the fresh fallen snow. I opted for the spaceous Chrysler Town&Country, my favorite car for a week out on the Colorado Plateau. Travelling through Utah and Arizona that May was amazing because the very instable weather situation produced thunderstorms and impressive clouds every day and even dumped significant snow in the Grand Canyon area. It was just great fortune paired with perfect timing that I was able to capute storm cloud light situations at dusk and dawn over Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands and Grand Canyon National Parks. Images are to follow soon.


Cascade Range Tour.

Alpine Tour.

Iceland HALO Tour.


LichtJahre photographer Christian Klepp is on tour for five weeks from 2 April to 7 Mai 2013 on the south island of New Zealand chasing for new photographic horizons during the "Indian Summer" fall season down under. This purely photographic tour is focused on the fall light and the southern milky way arc over the nighttime landscape.

During a two week science visit at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado, USA, LichtJahre photographer Christian Klepp had the opportunity to photograph the snowy winter landscape of the Rocky Mountains and gave a one hour LichtJahre presentation for the scientists at NCAR.


January: Iceland Tour with Örvar Þorgeirsson from Arctic Photo.
August: Two weeks tour through the Swiss and French Alps with focus on Mt. Blanc and Matterhorn.
October: One week Indian Summer tour through the Swiss Alps.


July: Iceland Tour.


July and August: Canada Tour. This included the Icefield Parkway between Jasper and Banff.
November: Cypress Tour for shooting star photography of the Leonid meteor shower.


July and August: Northwestern USA Tour. This included Olympic, North Cascades, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge, Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Wateron Galcier.


August: Alpine tour through Switzerland.


March: Total solar eclipse in Side, Antalya, Turkey.
August: Sierra Nevada tour through California, Nevada and Oregon.
October: Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia.


February und March: Winter expedition offshore the Lofotes, Norway onboard the Irish research vessel "Celtic Explorer".
July: Southwest tour through Arizona and Utah.


August: Alpine tour through Switzerland.


July: West coast of Norway.
November: Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.


February and March: North- and South islands of New Zealand.
August: Alpine tour through Switzerland.
October: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands


May: Tour through Arizona and Utah.
September: Lanzarote, Canary Islands.


December: Alpine tour through Austria.


November: Tenerife Leonid shooting star tour, Canary Islands.


May: Alpine tour through Austria.
August: USA and Canada, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.


March: Comet Hale-Bopp astronomy sessions in Northern Germany.
May: Alpine tour through Austria.


February: Chasing the comet Hyakutake in Northern Germany.
August: North Cascades Volcano Tour through Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada.


September: Alpine tour through Austria.


February und March: Winter expedition to the North pole onboard the German icebreaker "Polarstern".